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Required adjustments of electricity market design for a more flexible energy system in the short term
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ECN Beleidsstudies 30-12-2016
ECN publicatienummer: Publicatie type:
ECN-N--16-033 Externe notitie
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In order to deal with the higher need for flexibility in power systems with larger shares of weather dependent renewables, short term markets such as intraday and real-time (balancing) markets are key for enabling market participants to adjust their positions as well as to utilize available flexibility of producers and consumers. Based upon insights from the US, it is not only the design of these short term markets that matters, but also (A) the consistency between consecutive electricity markets for different time horizons (forward, day-ahead, intraday, real-time), (B) simultaneous coordination between energy and reserve capacity, and (C) simultaneous coordination between energy and congestion management. For the first two themes, seven policy options for improving the electricity market design have been identified; 1. Shorten the time resolution of day-ahead market products to 15 minutes; 2. Stimulate cross-border trading by marginal pricing rules for energy products for all time scales; 3. Implement balancing markets with reactive TSO activation strategy; 4. Stimulate cross-border intraday and balancing markets with dynamic allocation of network capacity; 5. Implement concurrent gate closure times for energy and reserve capacity markets; 6. Evaluate block bids and perform comparative analysis with multi-part bids; 7. Abolish symmetric bids for reserve capacity products.

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