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Towards new module and system concepts for linear shading response
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ECN Zonne-energie 26-6-2017
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ECN-M--17-011 Conferentiebijdrage
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Large scale implementation of PV in urban areas asks for more shadow tolerant modules and more size flexibility. Power optimizers and micro inverters can be used to improve shadow tolerance of standard c-Si modules but the electrical interconnection and the size of cell groups in the standard module design is a limiting factor when it comes to further increase shadow tolerance. In this work another approach is used in which the cells in the module are smaller and series connected in building blocks. The resulting lower currents allow the use of small in laminate diodes and the building blocks give access to more size flexibility and improved shadow robustness. Yearly yield calculations will be shown and compared to a standard 3-sub-string module with either power optimizers or micro inverters. It is shown that for a typical Dutch house the TESSERA concept outperforms the other by up to 6%.

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