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A Quasi-Steady Wind Farm Control Model
Gepubliceerd door: Publicatie datum:
ECN Windenergie 21-3-2011
ECN publicatienummer: Publicatie type:
ECN-M--11-032 Conferentiebijdrage
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Summary An overview of wind farm control approaches is presented which recognize that wind turbines in a wind farm are coupled through their wakes. Four of these approaches are demonstrated for a common wind farm. Two wind farm control objectives are considered (not to exceed and to track a given power demand) and compared to the uncontrolled situation. For an ambient wind speed lower than the nominal wind speed two approaches are found to provide power references for the individual turbines that track total power demand. For ambient wind speed higher than nominal this is achieved by three approaches. The fourth approach, which has control objective not to exceed rather than to track given power demand, redistributes power references over the more upstream wind turbines.

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