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Virtual power plant field experiment using 10 micro-chip units at consumer premises
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ECN Energie in de Gebouwde Omgeving en Netten 11-8-2008
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ECN-L--08-041 Presentatie
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Gepresenteerd op: CIRED seminar 2008: SmartGrids for Distribution, Frankfurt, Germany, 23-24 June 2008.

It is expected that µ-CHP units in households will penetrate the market in the Netherlands at high speed in the coming few years. As a result, the consuming households will then also produce electricity, which makes them suitable for local management of the grid. Using ICT, the µ-CHPs can be clustered in a virtual power plant (VPP). One application of such a VPP is the reduction of peak loads in the local substation by shifting the µ-CHP operation to moments when there is a large demand in electricity. In a field test conducted by ECN and Gasunie, it was found that a cluster of 10 households, each equipped with a µ-CHP is able to reduce the substation peak load with 30-50% without infringement of the user comfort.

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