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Tail gas treatment of sour-SEWGS CO2 product, literature review on CO2 and H2S separation - openbare versie
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ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency 3-7-2012
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ECN-E--12-025 ECN rapport
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40 Download PDF  (1190kB)

This literature review covers the technologies suitable for the CO2-H2S separation within the context of CO2 purification of a pre-combustion captured stream intended for storage or reuse. The technologies considered cover existing industrially applied processes, emerging processes as well as processes in development. Several technologies capable of achieving the desired CO2-H2S separation were identified. Among them are liquid scrubbing processes Thiopaq and CrystaSulf producing elemental sulphur, selective oxidation to elemental sulphur such as MODOP or based on novel catalysts and sorbent-based (reactive) separations using low-, medium- or high-temperature (reactive) sorbents.

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