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Preliminary qualitative assessment of proposed measures to foster renewable and low carbon sources in the Dutch electricity mix
Gepubliceerd door: Publicatie datum:
ECN Beleidsstudies 2-3-2010
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ECN-E--10-012 ECN rapport
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64 Download PDF  (842kB)

This report presents a preliminary qualitative assessment of a selection of proposed measures on support to renewables and reduction of carbon emissions in the Dutch electricity sector. The following proposed measures have been qualitatively assessed in this report:
1. Replace the SDE by the German-type feed-in tariff system.
2. Replace the SDE by a supply-side renewable portfolio standard.
3. Replace the SDE by a demand-side renewable portfolio standard.
4. Introduce a demand-side RPS in combination with the SDE.
5. Impose a generic CO2 emissions standard on power plants.
6. Impose a biomass co-firing standard on coal-fired power plants.
7. Impose a CCS obligation on coal-fired power plants.

The main conclusion is that, on balance, all these measures but one score poorly on a number of performance criteria. The measure identified as one with superior overall performance is the introduction of a demand-side renewable portfolio standard, also known as quota obligation or renewables obligation, in combination with the SDE. The SDE is the prevailing Dutch support system for renewable electricity and gas. The tradable renewable energy certificate (TREC) price would have to be included in the prevailing ex post SDE premium adjustment method.

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