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Stall FLEXTEETER: measurements
Gepubliceerd door: Publicatie datum:
ECN 1995
ECN publicatienummer: Publicatie type:
ECN-C--94-110 ECN rapport
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A two bladed rotor called FLEXTEETER, equipped with an elastomeric teeterand flexible beams was tested at constant speed, so that power was controlled by stall. The project was a follow up of the FLEXTEETER project, in which the same flexible rotor with passive tip pitch power control was designed, built and tested at variable rotor speed. The follow up project, named Stall FLEXTEETER evaluation, had three goals: (1) to collect a set of measurements of rotor bending moments and rotor motions at normal operation at zero yaw, at a fixed yaw misalignment (#+#30"o, #+#60"o) and while yawing continuously at a fixed yaw rate (1.2 "o/s, 2.4 "o/s and 4.8 "o/s); (2) to execute model calculations at external and internal conditions consistent with the measurements; and (3) to evaluate the model used by comparison with the measurements. The first goal was met almost completely, although during the measurement campaign, damage at the central connection of the rotor was observed. The damage was such that the rotor had to be dismounted from the test facility and no more measurements could be made. The description of the measured data and the experiences at the test will be given in this report. The model calculations and the evaluation will be covered in a separate report. 63 figs., 14 tabs., 8 refs.

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