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Final Report of IEA Annex VIII: 'Enhanced field rotor aerodynamics database'
Gepubliceerd door: Publicatie datum:
ECN Windenergie 1-2-2002
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ECN-C--02-016 ECN rapport
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353 Download PDF  (16809kB)

This report describes the work performed within the IEA Annex XIV ?FieldRotor Aerodynamics? and its successor IEA Annex XVIII ?Enhanced Field Rotor Aerodynamics Database?. In these Annexes 7 organisations from 6 different countries collaborated in performing aerodynamic experimental programs on full scale horizontal axis wind turbines at field conditions. In such experimental programs local aerodynamic quantities (forces, velocities) are measured at several locations along a rotor blade. The following organisations (and persons) cooperated in the projects:

  • Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN, NL) (Operating Agent) J.G. Schepers, A.J. Brand;
  • Centre for Renewable Energy Systems, (CRES, Gr, N. Stefanatos; Only participant in IEA Annex XVIII);
  • Delft University of Technology (DUT, NL): A. Bruining
  • Imperial College (IC, UK), together with Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL, UK): J.M.R. Graham, D.G. Infield, R.J.H Paynter (only participant in Annex XIV);
  • Mie University (Mie, Jp, Y. Shimizu and T. Maeda; Only participant in IEA Annex XVIII);
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL, USA): D.A. Simms, M.M. Hand;
  • Risø National Laboratory (Risø, DK): H.A. Madsen.
As a result of the international collaboration within the IEA Annexes it has been possible to coordinate data processing and to crate and maintain a database of measured data from all participants in a common file format. The database is stroed on CD-ROM or accessible through Internet. In principle the database is available for outside parties. The detailed aerodynamic measurements obtained on very different turbines, give a unique opportunity to better understand the aerodynamic behaviour of a wind turbine. This may result in the development and validation of more accurate aerodynamic models.

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