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The Nitrogen decision Support System : NitroGenius
Erisman, J.W.; Hensen, A.; Vries, W. de; Kros, H.; Wal, T. van der; Winter, W. de; Wien, J.E.; Elswijk, M. van; Maat, M.
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ECN SF 1-1-2002
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ECN-C--02-012 ECN rapport
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NitroGenius, a decision support system in the form of a game, was developed. A first version was demonstrated at the Second International Nitrogen Conference in order to support scientists and policymakers as they seek solutions to the nitrogen problems in the Netherlands? extensive agricultural, industrial and transportation areas. The aim of NitroGenius is: (i) to improve the understanding of complex relationships within the nitrogen pollution situation and (ii) to search for optimal solutions and polities, which could prevent pollution and its effects, while incurring minima1 economie costs and societal impacts. NitroGenius includes a modelling system, which describes al1 major nitrogen flows at several relevant spatial and tempora1 scales. Outputs of thismodel include: (i) the annual emissions of ammonia, nitrogen oxides and di-nitrogen oxide to the atmosphere and (ii) the annual leaching and runoff of ammonium and nitrate to groundwater and surface water, including the resulting annual average concentrations of those compounds. An economic module was developed to describe relationships occurring between al1 important economie sectors of the Netherlands, and the effect that different actions would have on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), unemployment, energy use and environmental quality. Several possible abatement options are described and parameterised so that their effects can be calculated using the modelling system. The modelling system and abatement options form the heart of NitroGenius. About 50 groups of people played the game during the Second International Nitrogen Conference. The results show that nitrogen problems can be solved in the Netherlands with careful planning and selection of a range of abatement options.

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