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Ontwikkeling van een katalytisch systeem in een enkele reactor voor de gecombineerde verwijdering van NOx en N2O uit industriële afgassen in de salpeterzuurindustrie
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ECN SF 1-3-2002
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ECN-C--02-009 ECN rapport
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The nitric acid industry in the Netherlands is a major industrial sourceof nitrous oxide (N2O), an important contributor to the greenhouse effect. In many nitric acid plants also the reduction of the emissions of NOx is desirable. This project aims at developing a technique for the simultaneous removal of NOx and N2O by selective catalytic reduction using hydrocarbons as reductant. A system comprising of two catalysts in a single reactor has been tested under conditions representative for a Dutch nitric acid plant (1500 ppmv N2O, 500 ppmv NO, 0.5 vol.% H2O, 2.5 vol.% O2). Both at atmospheric and high pressure (10 bar(a)) about 90% removal efficiency of NOx and N2O was achieved at 350°C when 1000 ppmv of propane was added. The cost efficiency of the atmospheric as well as the high-pressure set-up are about equal to the reference case (separate conventional NH3-DeNOx and propane-DeN2O): about 2 ? per ton CO2 equivalents or 1.8 ? per kg NOx.

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