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Verification of European wind turbine design codes, VEWTDC : final report
Schepers, J.G.; Heijdra, J.J.; Foussekis, D.; Øye, S.; Rawlinson Smith, R.; Belessis, M.; Thomsen, K.; Larsen, T.; Kraan, I.; Visser, B.; Carlen, I.; Ganander, H.; Drost, L.
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ECN Windenergie 1-4-2002
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ECN-C--01-055 ECN rapport
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In the report the results of the EU-JOULE project "Verification of EuropeanWind Turbine Design Codes" (VEWTDC) are described. In this project a verification is performed of eight wind turbine codes from five different European countries. Code predictions of mechanical loads (blade loads, rotor loads, tower loads) have been compared with measurements on three different turbines, obtained at different conditions (normal operating conditions and special events). In the report, the working procedure is described, a global description of the different codes is given and the main results are reported.

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