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Geavanceerde gasturbinecycli in de brood- en & banket- en in de zuivelindustrie
Dijkstra, J.W.; Rouwen, W.; Sluimer, P.; Verdurmen, R.
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ECN SF 1-8-2001
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ECN-C--01-076 ECN rapport
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A gas turbine can be equiped with an air bottoming cycle to produce clean hot air as well as electricity. This air can be used in the dairy industry for spray towers, or in the bakery industry for furnaces. The technical and economic feasibility for using this system in the dairy and bakery industry is investigated. To put the study into national perspective the national energy demand of both industries and agreements with the Dutch government are treated. An inventory of boundary conditions for the system is made. A list of potential users has been made and three potential users have been interviewd. The feasibility of the application of a gas turbine with or without a bottoming cycle is analyzed. The main dimensions for both applications are determined and an economic evaluation is performed.

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