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Evaluation of the 8th international course on implementation of wind energy, Petten, April 12-24, 1999
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ECN Zonne-energie 1-6-1999
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ECN-C--99-047 ECN rapport
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The title course is fairly general and offers a broad view on thesubject. After attending the course, the participants are better equipped to obtain more detailed information. Specific questions and problems constitute a limited part of the course. However, the need for specialist's information is increasing. In a future course the balance between general and specific subjects should be shifted somewhat to specific subjects. The course was attended by 22 participants from 14 different countries. Seven participants were financed by their own company. Eight participants were sponsored by the following Dutch institutes: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dorgelo Foundation and the electricity companies REMU and PNEM/MEGA. One participant was sponsored by Asian Windpower. Two participants were sponsored by the ING bank and the electricity company EDON together with the wind turbine companies VESTAS and LMW. The other four participants were sponsored by the wind turbine companies Lagerwey, Nedwind, Aerpac and the Netherlands Organisation for Energy and the Environment (Novem)

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