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Speciatie van arseen in verontreinigde en gereinigde grond: onderzoek naar mogelijkheden tot verhoging van het reinigingsrendement
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ECN 1-12-1998
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ECN-C--98-110 ECN rapport
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Arcadis Heidemij Realisatie has been confronted with a residue pollutionof arsenic after cleaning a Swedish soil which was polluted during the preservation of wood by means of Wolman salts. After separation of particulates a large part of the arsenic is still present on the remaining sand grains. By means of electron microscopy it appeared that to a large extent the pollution probably is associated with iron (hydr)oxide coating on the sand grains. The aim of the study on the title subject is to investigate, on the basis of speciation of arsenic in soil, a process-integrated, extraction procedure to improve the efficiency of the purification. The method is based on (a) leaching of the polluted soil and purified soil of the cleaning installation, as a function of the pH, in combination with (b) specific extraction of soil minerals of which it is expected that they bind arsenic (amorphous and crystalline iron(hydr)oxide), and (c) geochemical modelling. 7 refs.

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