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Belang van opgeloste organische stof bij transport van contaminanten uit baggerspecie
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ECN 1-10-1998
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ECN-C--98-076 ECN rapport
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Many inorganic and organic contaminants show affinity to dissolvedorganic carbon (DOC) and as a result show a higher mobility bound to DOC than free. Therefore, it is important to know the speciation of the relevant components, in particular the organic forms of solutes. Modelling of the metal speciation in leachates of polluted soil and dredged soil has shown that Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn are almost completely bound to DOC at pH>4. In order to study the mobility of contaminants in dredge soil, highlighting the role of DOC, a programme has been set up, comprising in-situ field tests, laboratory experiments and geochemical modelling. The result must consist of in-situ mobility parameters, in the form of effective diffusion coefficients. At the same time the speciation of the pollutants in pore water has been investigated, so that the mobility can be interpreted process-wise and gained knowledge can be used elsewhere. 11 refs.

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