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Praktijkexperiment alternatieve energiebron voor LAE-signaleringsborden: tussenrapportage: installatie- en opstartfase
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ECN 1-8-1998
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ECN-C--98-062 ECN rapport
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The title experiment concerns electricity supply for the lighting ofso-called LAE warning signs by means of a wind generator and a photovoltaic panel. The measurements will be carried out at sites in Maarn and Wolfheze, both Netherlands. LAE warning signs comprise sets of four signals: an L-sign, placed at a safe distance of work that has to be carried out along the railway (a slow-down sign), a sign for the maximum speed of the approaching train, an A-sign right in front of place where the work along the railway is carried out, and an E-sign to indicate the end of the work where the train can ride a normal speed. In this report the installation and start-up of the power supply system will be discussed as well as the selection of the sites where the experiments will be carried out, how the measurements will be executed and data will be analyzed

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