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Proposed procedure for the evaluation of uncertainties in load measurements on wind turbines
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ECN 1998
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ECN-C--98-006 ECN rapport
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Subtask 3 of the project 'Wind Turbine Load Measurement Instrumentation'will result in an improved knowledge of sources of uncertainties that occur during load measurements. The various sources of uncertainties all contribute to the uncertainty of the final results of the measurements. One of ECN's tasks in the project was to draft a procedure that can be used to combine the various sources of uncertainty into the overall uncertainty of the final result. The proposed procedure is described in this report and follows the general approach laid down in the ISO-standard for expression of uncertainty in measurement. In situations where the ISO-standard fails to give a practical procedure (e.g. in case of Rain Flow Counting) an alternative procedure is described. Based on the proposed procedure some examples concerning load measurements on wind turbine blades are elaborated in detail

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