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Karakteristieken percolaatwater stortlocatie Nauernasche polder: inventarisatie en classificatie
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ECN 1998
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ECN-C--97-070 ECN rapport
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The purpose of the study on the title subject is to optimize thepercolation water measurements in order to be able to describe and forecast the conditions of the waste disposal site. The so-called Equistort principle is the guideline in the study. The concept of EQUISTORT is based on an integrated approach in which inorganic wastes are conditioned to bring the disposal site in a state of quasi- or semi-equilibrium at minimum leachability level of contaminants. The composition of the percolation water is compared with the measured composition of waste disposal percolations as can be found in literature. Also, the leaching of waste disposal sites is compared with the leaching of bottom ash from waste incinerators. Based on the experiences in the characterization of waste materials the percolation water data are presented as a function of the pH. 20 refs.

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