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Analyse meetresultaten PV-installatie in de wijk 1994
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ECN 1995
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ECN-C--95-003 ECN rapport
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Results of the measurements of the photovoltaic installation on the roof of the housing and care centre 'Dunninghe' in De Wijk in the Dutch province Drenthe are presented for the year 1994. The solar radiation on the reference cells amounted to 892 kWh/m2. The availability of the monitoring system was 90%. Therefore, the actual solar radiation was circa 1005 kWh/m2. The corresponding yield of the inverters at the grid side was 3838 kWh, which is about 30% less than expected of a system that operates well and taking into account the capacity of the installation (7526 Wp). The efficiency of the inverter (maximum of 86%) is according to the expectation. The reliability of the panels and the cables is good. However, the control system of the inverters leaves a lot to be desired, and is the reason for the low yield.
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