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Strategies and instruments to promote energy efficiency indeveloping countries: project working paper 3: energy efficiencyin selected industries of the manufacturing sector
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1995
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ECN-C--94-040 ECN rapport
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The title project makes a preliminary assessment of major implemented andongoing policy initiatives to improve industrial energy efficiency in the developing world. In addition, it sets out to identify possibilities for transfer of appropriate technology from OECD member states to enhance energy efficiency and environmental performance of manufacturing industries in the developing world. This working paper describes technology, energy consumption, environmental impact and energy conservation options for selected branches of the manufacturing sector. The criteria used for selection of manufacturing sub-sectors are the share of the sub-sector in total energy use in developing countries, the energy intensity of the main process, and data availability. The branches chosen are manufacture of food products and beverages, manufacture of paper and paper products, manufacture of non-metallic mineral products, and manufacture of basic metals. In this report mainly technologies and experiences, as far as it concerns attractive energy efficiency improvement options, are described.

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