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Deliverable 3.2 Biomass Policies: Benchmarking bioenergy policies in Europe
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ECN Beleidsstudies 19-2-2016
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ECN-O--16-009 Overig
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The Biomass Policies project, supported by the Intelligent Energy for Europe programme, aims to improve the policy framework for the mobilisation of indigenous bioenergy value chains in contributing to the renewable energy targets and beyond. The focus is on the countries participating to this project–the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Finland, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, and Croatia. This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the different national policy approaches applied for the bioenergy sector in 11 Member States (MS). Additionally, it focuses on a number of value chains that have been selected within WP2 of the Biomass Policies project. It presents their current use for bioenergy purposes, identifies the barriers to their utilisation and introduces the existing energy policies directed to them.

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