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SiteChar D8.4 Characterisation of European CO2 storage. Quantitative social site characterisations
Brunsting, S.; Mastop, E.A.; Kaiser, M.; Zimmer, R
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1-7-2013
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ECN-O--13-029 Overig
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This report describes the results of the last stage of the in-depth social site characterisation activities at two prospective CCS sites as part of the SiteChar project: a CCS onshore site and a CCS offshore site. The onshore site is the Zalecze & Zuchlów site application (Poland - WP5) and the offshore site is the North Sea Moray Firth site (UK - WP3). This deliverable is a follow-up to deliverables D8.1, D8.2, and D8.3 (Brunsting et al., 2011; 2012a; 2012b) and describes the results from a repeated quantitative measurement of local awareness, knowledge, and perceptions of CCS at both sites using representative surveys. For comparison and discussion of all SiteChar WP8 results we refer to the final summary report D8.5 (Brunsting et al., 2013).

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