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SiteChar D8.5 Characterisation of European CO2 storage. Final summary report on public awareness
Brunsting, S.; Mastop, E.A.; Kaiser, M.; Zimmer, R
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1-8-2013
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ECN-O--13-028 Overig
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The aim of the SiteChar project is to develop an effective methodology for the preparation of CO2-storage license applications, incorporating all the technical and economic data, as well as the social dimension. This deliverable summarises the work on the social dimension within work package 8 of the Sitechar project. The most important aim of the research was to advance public awareness. To this end, social site characterisation and public participation activities were conducted at two prospective CCS sites: an onshore site and an offshore site. The onshore site is the Zalecze & Zuchlów site in Poland and the offshore site is the North Sea Moray Firth site in Scotland, for which the research focused on the communities in Morayshire.

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