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Background paper on Technology Roadmaps (TRMs)
More, E.; Londo, H.M.; Phaal, R.; Wurtenberger, L.; Cameron, L.R.
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ECN Beleidsstudies 11-4-2013
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ECN-O--13-019 Overig
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This background paper reports on the use of technology roadmaps (TRMs) related to climate change mitigation and adaptation technologies. The study is motivated by the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (CoP) request to the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) to catalyse the development and use of TRMs as facilitative tools for action on mitigation and adaptation. Having originated in industry, TRMs are now used extensively in policy settings too, however their widespread use across sectors and by different stakeholders has resulted in a lack of understanding of their real value to help catalyse cooperation towards technological solutions to the problems presented by climate change. Consequently this background paper presents (i) an overview of different TRM methods, (ii) an initial analysis of gaps and barriers in existing TRMs, and (iii) a review of current TRM good practices.

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