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Rol(len) voor Power-to-Gas in de energievoorziening
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ECN Beleidsstudies 18-10-2013
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ECN-L--13-072 Presentatie
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Gepresenteerd op: Deltalinqs, Waterstof Platform Rotterdam, Spijkenisse, Netherlands, 15 oktober 2013.

Increasing deployment of wind turbines and solar-PV systems poses challenges to integrate produced electricity into the electricity system. Significant temporary surplus will occur once generation from wind and solar-PV reaches levels of 20-30% of annual electricity demand. Much further integration probably requires deployment of Power-to-Gas concepts. This concept makes it possible to shift wind and solar energy in both time, location and in end-use, thus offering huge flexibility. Power-to-Gas, therefore, is not only about electricity storage, but mainly deals with integration of energy from wind en solar into the wider energy system. While it is quite often associated with the production of Synthetic Natural Gas (Sabatier process), the first step in Power-to-Gas is always the production of hydrogen, which is as well a gas. From this point on, there is a wide variety of options to make good use of this energy carrier including use as transport fuel, chemical feedstock and replacement of natural gas.

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