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Draft advice base rates SDE+ 2014 for the market consultation
Lensink, S.M.; Wassenaar, J.A.; Groen, B. in 't; Taris, A.; Faasen, C.J.; Hekkenberg, M.; Mozaffarian, M.; Beurskens, H.J.M.; Lako, P.
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ECN Beleidsstudies 30-6-2013
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ECN-E--13-027 ECN rapport
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On assignment of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, ECN and DNV KEMA have studied the cost of renewable electricity production. This cost assessment for various categories is part of an advice on the subsidy base rates for the feed-in support scheme SDE+. This report contains a draft advice on the cost of projects in the Netherlands targeted for realization in 2014. The options advice covers installation technologies for the production of green gas, biogas, renewable electricity and renewable heat. This draft advice has been written to facilitate the market consultation on the 2014 base rates. The open market consultation is to be held in June 2013.

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