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Naar een breder afwegings- en reguleringskader voor investeringen in interconnectoren: de Maatschappelijke Kosten-Baten Analyse (MKBA)
Sijm, J.P.M.; Welle, A.J. van der; Tieben, B.; Hof, B.; Kocsis, V.
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ECN Beleidsstudies 9-4-2013
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ECN-E--13-021 ECN rapport
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Interconnectors that link national grids are important for further integration of the European electricity grid. Against this background, the main question of this study is as follows: What does a broadened assessment and regulatory framework for investments in interconnectors look like which secures optimal contribution of these investments to the social welfare of the involved countries? To answer this question, the broadened assessment framework is developed first, i.e. the Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (SCBA). Next, the implications for the regulatory framework are analysed with regard to the following three aspects: (i) cost allocation, (ii) network planning, and (iii) efficiency versus investment incentives. Finally, a case study is conducted of a ‘fictitious but realistic’ investment project in interconnection to illustrate how certain social effects from the developed SCBA framework can be practically and concretely established.

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