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The economics of including carbon sinks in climate change policy. Evaluating the carbon supply curve through afforestation in Latin America
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1-6-2003
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ECN-I--03-003 ECN rapport
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After the inclusion of carbon sinks in the Kyoto Protocol, greenhousegas mitigation policies should account for abatement measurements in both the energy and forestry sectors. This report deals with the development of a methodology for estimating cost-curves of carbon sequestration with afforestation activities and its combination with existing cost-curves of carbon abatement in the energy sector, with an application to the Latin American region. For deriving the carbon supply-curves, a bottom-up approach is used where the costs of carbon sequestration are first estimated at a grid-level (georeferenced area of 50 x 50 km) and later aggregated in a single cost curve. In evaluating the carbon sequestration benefits of forests, we intend to capture the life-cycle of the sequestered carbon by accounting the carbon uptake during forest growth, the carbon emissions during the harvest periods and the residual

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