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European biomass scenarios and the need for import of biomass
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1997
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ECN-R--97-009 ECN rapport
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The business units ECN Policy Studies and ECN Fossil Fuels of theNetherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN) have conducted several studies with respect to the availability and procurement of biomass for the Netherlands. The aim of these studies is to get a better insight in: the long term perspective of biomass as a renewable energy source; possible aims of import of biomass; cost effectiveness of import of biomass; and perspectives of conversion of biomass into liquid fuels. This report deals with more or less sustainable biomass scenarios for Europe. Two scenarios are developed for more or less sustainable land use in Europe. The biomass potential for each of the European countries and for each of the two scenarios is analysed. The results are compared to biomass potentials from country specific studies and from another biomass scenario with figures for Europe. Furthermore, the motives for and the implications of import of biomass energy are analysed. 16 refs.

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