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Analyse energieverbruik sector huishoudens 1982-1996: achtergronddocument bij het rapport 'Monitoring energievergruik en beleid Nederland'
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1-12-1997
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ECN-I--97-051 ECN rapport
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The study on the title subject is part of the energy monitoring projectthat has been carried out by order of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The results of the analysis of the development of the use of energy in the domestic sector in the Netherlands are presented. The development of domestic energy use is analysed by breaking up the energy use into energy functions, e.g. space heating and hot water production, and relate it to key factors such as demographical changes, insulation of dwellings, penetration rate of domestic appliances, energy prices and disposable income. 19 refs.

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