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Verkenning covergassing digestaat en gras
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ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency 16-1-2012
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ECN-E--11-072 ECN rapport
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In 2010 several experiments have been performed to investigate the technical feasibility of co-gasification of digestate and grass. For certain digestate and in certain mixtures with grass, it was shown possible to co-gasify. A final test was performed in the indirect gasifier MILENA with one of these mixtures. The purpose of this research if showing the technical feasibility of co-gasification of grass and digestate, as to prevent agglomeration and/or corrosion issues, which are imminent with pure grass. It is possible to prevent agglomeration by mixing grass with certain types of digestate in certain mixtures. The gas quality is such that it is possible to burn it in a gas engine or use it for catalytic processes. Of course with the right cleaning steps in between. The ash coming from the process contains components that can be used as fertilizer (such as phosphor) and recovering these component by recycling char (carbon rich ash) can be increased. The tests were limited to determining the technical feasibility and does not provide information regarding duration effects, such as wear of the bedmaterial.

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