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Effects of rotor induction on the propagation of disturbances towards wind turbines
Abdelsalam, A.; Boorsma, K.; Savenije, F.J.; Davoust, S.; Rutteman, R.
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ECN Windenergie 2-6-2015
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ECN-M--15-023 Conferentiebijdrage
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Within the framework of the LAWINE project (LiDAR Applications for Wind Farm Efficiency), the application of LiDAR for optimization of turbine control is researched. The evolution of turbulent structures as they approach a wind turbine is critical in order to link turbine loads to free-stream turbulence with special attention given to Taylor’s hypothesis of frozen turbulence. Secondly, knowing the coherency and timing for the arrival of such structures is required for future use of LiDAR for feed-forward control. In the present work, a 5 beam pulsed LiDAR has been mounted on turbine to characterize rotor induction and its effects on the propagation of disturbances towards wind turbines.

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