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Meetmethoden luchtemissies bij ECN in relatie met meetnormen
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ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency 5-1-2015
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ECN-E--15-001 ECN rapport
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With the Implementation of the Industrial Emission Directive in the legislation of the different EU countries, all countries have to use the same CEN standard for measuring the air emissions. If no EN standard is available an ISO standard or a national standard might be used. The group Bio Energy of ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency (ECN BEE) is active in measurement of gas compositions and gas emissions, both at their own research installations as well as at client locations. ECN BEE has equipment available including sampling probes, pumps, and mobile sampling and analyzing equipment to facilitate measurements in power plants, waste incinerators and coal and biomass power installations. In this report the methods of ECN BEE are compared with the latest standards. ECN BEE is not a certified emission measurement party, but is striving for compliance with official measurements. For all gaseous emissions and for additional parameters like flow, water and oxygen content the ECN method for the measurement, sampling, handling and analyzing is sufficient in line with the latest standard. ECN BEE is also active in measuring of deposit, 14C isotope measurement and tar components. In some cases ECN had contributed to development of new standards. ECN is now looking into the measurement of gaseous alkali metals and salts like potassium. Next to alkali metals some additional research fields are mentioned in this report: measurement of fine and ultrafine dust, siloxanes and verification of the usability of cheaper methods for dioxins measurement.

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