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Unit-cell calculations for plutonium fuelled HTR pebbles
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ECN NUC 1-12-1998
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ECN-R--98-023 Overig
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Unit-cell calculations for plutonium fuelled pebbles of the HighTemperature Gas-cooled Reactor, were performed with WIMS, SCALE and MCNP. The k_#infinity# and spectral parameters, especially introduced for the plutonium fuel, have been calculated, for pebbles with a varying plutonium mass per pebble and with different type of coated particles. For one pebble geometry, the mentioned parameters have been calculated for various fuel temperatures and over-all (uniform) temperatures. For the same pebble geometry, burnup calculations were carried out with WIMS and SCALE/ORIGEN-S. This document put emphasis on the comparison of the calculational results, but gives in addition reactor physics interpretations on some calculational results. 40 refs.

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