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Industrial implementation of efficiency improvements in n-type solar cells and modules
Romijn, I.G.; Aken, B.B. van; Anker, J.; Burgers, A.R.; Gutjahr, A.; Heurtault, B.; Koppes, M.; Kossen, E.J.; Lamers, M.W.P.E.; Saynova - Oosterling, D.S.; Tool, C.J.J.; Fang,  Lang; Jingfeng, Xiong ; Gaofei, Li ; Zhuo, Xu; Hongfang, Wang; Zhiyan, Hu ; Venema, P.; Vlooswijk, A.H.G.
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ECN Zonne-energie 24-9-2012
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ECN-M--12-049 Conferentiebijdrage
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This paper describes the recent developments on the n-Pasha solar cell. The n-Pasha cell is a bifacial solar cell on n-type Cz material with homogeneous diffusions and printed metallization, and is produced at an industrial scale by Yingli Solar. Until recently these cells typically reached efficiencies around 19% at both ECN and Yingli. By reducing metal coverage and improving the quality of the front side metallization, tuning the back surface field doping and improving the front and rear surface passivation, we have been able to increase the efficiency by almost 1% absolute to 20%. Reducing the metal coverage has at the same time decreased the silver consumption per cell, making the concept more cost effective. 72 n-Pasha cells with an average efficiency of 19.6% were used for a monofacial module which resulted in a module power of 334 Watt-peak.

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