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A high performance thermoacoustic Stirling-engine
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ECN Efficiency & Infrastructure 11-11-2011
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ECN-W--11-051 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Journal of Applied Physics (American Institute of Physics), , 2011, Vol.110, p.093519-1-093519-6.

In thermoacoustic systems heat is converted into acoustic energy and vice versa. These systems use inert gases as working medium and have no moving parts which makes the thermoacoustic technology a serious alternative to produce mechanical or electrical power, cooling power, and heating in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. A thermoacoustic Stirling heat engine is designed and built which achieves a record performance of 49% of the Carnot efficiency. The design and performance of the engine is presented. The engine has no moving parts and is made up of few simple components.

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