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Scope and prospects of re-engineering and retrofitting windfarms in India
Gepubliceerd door: Publicatie datum:
ECN Windenergie 1-9-2001
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ECN-RX--01-057 Conferentiebijdrage
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Gepresenteerd op: European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2-6 juli 2001.

The paper starts with a brief analysis of the characteristics of the Indian wind energy programmes while enumerating the developments that have taken place so far. In view of the large scope for renewable energy based power genereation and in order to boost the present uprise of the wind farm development, the authors investigate the possibilities that lay in re-engineering of existing wind farms. Existing wind farm entrepreneurs are showing interest to improve the performance of their wind farms. New initiatives are suggested addressing the involved technical and commercial concerns of both the state-run utility (the principal customer of wind generated electricity) and wind farmentrepreneur to spur development of economically competitive wind-power plants In addition, inferences are drawn from a recently conducted detailed case study at a 5 year old large wind farm in Muppandal area. The study involved conducting detailed WAsP based analysis based on remote land use & land cover details interfacing with GIS. In addition, detailed site investigations were conducted to assess the health of the machines and the adequacy of the power evacuation facility together with the analysis of the machine down times. The paper highlights the benefits that can be expected from such undertakings for several parties both in India and in EU. The paper finally outlines the possible business opportunities and economic benefits that exist for retrofitting and re-engineering in the country, which has over 700 individually designed wind farms.

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