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Performance of the PV-systems of ECN building 31
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ECN Energie in de Gebouwde Omgeving en Netten 1-9-2002
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ECN-C--02-030 ECN rapport
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One of ECN's laboratory buildings was renovated using PV-systems. Thepower performance of all PV-systems was monitored on a daily basis (supervision monitoring) and of two selected systems the power performance was monitored in more detail (analytical monitoring). The report presents the results of the first year of monitoring. The supervision monitoring revealed the failure of a serious number of inverters. With the analysis monitoring data a number of aspects, important for building integrated PV, were quantified. These aspects are:

  • Thermal behaviour of the modules
  • Loss of irradiation due to shading
  • Additional energy loss due to partial shading (mismatch)
  • Effect of dirt
Furthermore the irradiation data were used to validate the shading module of the design tool PVsyst. It was shown that PVsyst is a reliable tool for shading calculations.

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