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MATTER 1.0: a MARKAL energy and materials system model characterisation
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1-9-1998
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ECN-C--98-065 ECN rapport
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The MARKAL-MATTER 1.0 model will be used for development of energy andmaterials strategies for greenhouse gas emission reduction in the framework of the MATTER (MATerials Technologies for greenhouse gases Emission Reduction) study and the BRED (Biomass for greenhouse gas emission REDuction) study. The report discusses the general model structure. This includes the definition of (groups of) materials, waste materials, products, and the demand scenarios 1990-2050. A full list of all processes in the MATTER 1.0 model is provided. The following options to decrease gas emissions related to the life cycle of materials are considered in the model calculations: increased energy efficiency: alternative materials production processes, based on new technology; increased materials efficiency: increased materials quality; increased materials efficiency: product re-design; new recycling technologies; waste separation and product re-use; new energy recovery technologies; substitution of energy carriers; substitution of natural resources; substitution of materials; and end-of-pipe technology. MARKAL stands for MARket ALlocation. 52 refs.

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