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Technology characterisation for ceramic and inorganic materials: input data for Western European MARKAL
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1997
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ECN-C--97-064 ECN rapport
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The MATTER project focuses on CO2 emission reduction options that arerelated to the Western European materials system (the production and consumption of materials, material intensive products and waste materials). The analysis will be based on the results of MARKAL (MARKet ALlocation) model calculations. In this report the model input data for 20 ceramic and inorganic materials are described. 37 materials production technologies are discussed. The energy and materials inputs and outputs of these technologies and their costs are analysed. Improved materials production technologies, options for increased materials efficiency and increased materials recovery and recycling are discussed. Apart from the process data, the current production volumes and materials applications in Western Europe are discussed. These combined data represent part of the MARKAL model input. Data for other materials and data for products are discussed in separate volumes. 103 refs.

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